Henderson Pool Deck Design

Henderson Pool Deck Design

If you have a pool deck that is in poor shape, it can be difficult to enjoy your swimming pool to it’s full potential. You need to update it with a fresh pool deck from Henderson Concrete Pros.

Or you might be installing a new pool for your backyard. Let us design a pool deck which will seamlessly enhance your outdoor surroundings, and is particularly perfect for setting up patio furniture and lounge recliners. Take full advantage of the swimming season and get ready to impress your guests for the next pool party you host by getting in touch with us for a free and no-obligation quote.

Having a quality concrete pool deck installed will provide you with a great place to create your outdoor oasis. Let our contractors at Henderson Concrete Pros assistance you through all stages of the design, preparation and execution of your pool deck. We are able to tailor your pool deck design needs to your precise specifications as well to guarantee that the outcomes provided are just what you imagined.

Henderson Pool Deck Design

Merged Installation

Whether you are looking to interconnect your deck to your current patio, circle a pool and hot tub area or some other specific concrete options, our professionals offer you a full selection of options. We can assistance you to transform your concrete pool deck into a stunning and practical hardscape which will increase the look of your backyard. We have been devoted to providing the Henderson region with superior benefits that positively impact properties while furthermore delivering the long lasting and reliable results homeowners have come to expect from us.

Henderson Pool Deck Design

Textured Concrete

You will need a textured surface which will offer slip resistance if that surface is constantly exposed to water. When you reach out Henderson Concrete Pros for your pool deck needs, you can depend on our design specialists to keep slip resistance at the forefront when making your concrete surface treatments. Our aim is to not just give you a reliable, trustworthy and lasting installation but one which will be safe for use and offer the real advantages you want.

Acid Wash Services

During the period of the pool season, water will be splashed across the deck from your kids jumping in or splashing each other and this is where it can start to create unwanted effects around the bonded concrete installation surrounding the pool area. Once you start to notice this, it is wise not to panic but instead get in touch with our staff at Henderson Concrete Pros to have an acid wash service. This will guarantee that you will have your pool deck back to normal and functioning for many more years to come.

Waterproofing Treatment

Another option accessible to you with regards to your pool deck is selecting a superiority waterproofing treatment. Not only does a waterproofing treatment help protect your surface area from pool chemicals, but this treatment additionally safeguards your concrete installation from constant exposure to water. The proper waterproofing treatment plans applied to your concrete offers you peace of mind knowing you won’t have to deal with costly repairs. When it comes to our professionals, they are very knowledgeable about a number of waterproofing treatment plans that will maintain your surfaces looking and functioning as planned.

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